Glenda Meyer

Loan Broker
Carlsbad, California
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I live in San Diego, one of the biggest military presence in the world. I started helping veterans and the military community over 20 years ago. When PCS'ing, I am in awe of how the entire family just packs up and moves on. The spouse and kids never complain, never question, they just accept this is part of military life. These brave young people just take it in stride. I still cry when hearing the National Anthem and am moved by the fact, those words may not ring true if not for our brave military. It is imperative real estate professionals like myself educate the military and real estate communities. Dozens of times, I've helped a family get into a home with close to zero cost and watch them sell and take large piles of cash/equity with them when they leave. This is game changing. Helping families buy a home is just a small way I can pay back what they do for our country.
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