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Down to earth, personable, and deeply knowledgeable about the mortgage industry, Julie Swenson is not your average mortgage professional. As Mortgage Broker and VA Mortgage Advisor, Julie brings over twenty-26 years of experience and a fresh perspective to the home finance business. “I’m really trying to make a lifestyle out of the mortgage process,” she says, “rather than just handing people money and saying, ‘now don’t miss a payment for the next thirty years’,” she says. “I want to show them how a mortgage or refinance can help them build wealth.” Julie began her impressive career in the mortgage industry in 1996, working in the manufactured home business. Julie is one of the most sought-after mortgage professionals working in the industry, with more than eighty percent of her considerable overall business based on referrals from satisfied clients, Realtor partners, and financial advisors. “I think a lot of that has to do with the information that we provide our clients,” says Julie, when asked how she has managed to inspire so much trust and loyalty amongst those she works with. “Prior to my clients applying for a mortgage, we had a hopes and dreams conversation. From that conversation and after we receive their online loan questionnaire, we can really tailor a program using what we call a total cost analysis. It allows us to compare different loans based on what they might qualify for so they can make a good financial decision.” Julie is careful to ask each client two questions: what about the mortgage process excites you the most, and what keeps you up at night worrying? “That is where you can really start talking to people and help them feel more comfortable about the decision they’re making, and it also helps to solve a lot of issues up front. That way, the process isn’t as scary for them along the way.” I love helping all people, however, there is a special place in my heart for our Veterans. My Father served in the United States Navy and I remember as a little girl once a quarter, he would bring out the slides, my Mom would get some salami, crackers, and cheese and we would sit downstairs, and Dad would go through and tell the story of each slide. I was so proud of my Dad and loved that family time that created memories all of these years later that I will never forget. It is an honor to give back to those who have fought for my freedom. Their service and sacrifice will never be forgotten and I stand proud knowing I can give back to them and provide them with the service, honor, and respect they deserve. As evidence of Julie’s commitment to providing her clients with a smooth, easy, and streamlined process, one needs to look no further than the glowing reviews she has received on Google and, on which site she holds a perfect, five-star overall rating. One of these reads: “Julie is the best! As a first-time home buyer, I was nervous about the process, but working with Julie and her team made it so easy and resulted in closing on a beautiful home. She was incredibly responsive, informative, and supportive every step of the way.” When she’s not working, Julie enjoys spending time outdoors in nature hiking, paddle boarding, being on her new pontoon boat, and kayaking. She also loves to spend time with her German Shepherds, Alder and Stahl, and cat, Monkey. All three are rescued, but what they really don’t know is that they rescued her. Julie loves to serve and give back to her home and work community in a variety of philanthropic ways. “We’re working really hard to continue creating what I call the five-star ultimate client experience,” says Julie, when asked about her plans for the future of her business. “We want to do mortgage coaching rather than just be advisors. We want our clients to be able to create the best lifestyle for themselves. I call that ‘living a great story’. We want every person who reaches out to us, whether we end up helping them with a loan or not, to have that experience.”
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